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XPQ-21 – Temptation | Electrifying Techno Takeover

XPQ-21 AKA Jeyênne, is an electrifying producer, singer, and master of the techno scene. With roots in catholic organ and electro punk, Jeyênne made a name for himself in the 90s as one of the greats in the rave and techno scene, performing with legendary acts like Prodigy and Moby. His music and performances were featured on MTV and VIVA TV, Mayday, Loveparade, and many more. With XPQ-21, Jeyênne transformed his sound into a fusion of electro-industrial-dnb-cyberpunk-goth, touring Europe and the USA for 10 years. In 2019, he re-released his classic albums and in 2020 he dropped a new single ‘Machines’, reaching #6 on DAC Charts. Today, Jeyênne runs the EMS – Electronic Music School in Berlin and Cologne, inspiring the next generation of musicians.

XPQ-21 has tantalized the music world with the latest double singles, “Temptation,” and its alternate take “Temptation – Korgen Aamat Version.” The duo of tracks provides a much-needed jolt of electrifying techno, complete with an explosive beat that will shake you to your core.

The driving beat in “Temptation” is relentless, pounding and pulsing with energy, creating a rhythmic undercurrent that will leave you transfixed. The amazing vocals, layered atop the beat, are a siren song, beckoning you further into the heart of the music. Industrial sounds swirl and twist, adding a layer of grit and raw power that only serves to enhance the experience. The overall result is a track delivering a powerful and unforgettable listening experience that will leave you begging for more.

“Temptation – Korgen Aamat Version” is a soul-stirring and spellbinding musical journey that captivates the listener with its rich melodies and hauntingly beautiful lyrics. The track begins with a tantalizing bassline that instantly draws you in, setting the stage for the hypnotic beats of the synths and percussion to come. Before you know it, you are completely immersed in the music, unable to pull yourself away. The deep vocals add an extra layer of mystery to the track, taking it to a whole new level of otherworldly experience. The rich textures of the music create a trippy, dreamlike atmosphere that is both mesmerizing and ethereal. The combination of powerful basslines, intricate synths, and haunting vocals creates an unforgettable musical experience that will leave you lost in the music for hours.

We had an opportunity to interview XPQ-21. Read on to know more.

1. Hi XPQ-21/ Jeyênne! Congratulations on releasing two consecutive singles “Temptation- Original” and “Temptation – Korgen Aamat Version.” Loved both of the pieces. “Temptation” is definitely a tempting techno track. Can you tell us about the creative process behind the new single “Temptation”? How did the idea for the track come about and how did it evolve into the final version we hear today?

It’s not two singles, it’s a single and a remix/another version of Korgen Aamat. 

I (Jeyênne) wrote Temptation 10 years ago. There was only one loop I made and a scrap of the chorus. It took 10 years for the track to mature. It almost didn’t get released. I’m always trying something I haven’t done or tried before. This track was troubling me as I wanted to use more words than I was using but they all didn’t fit in 5 minutes so I had to sort them out. It took me a week to sort out the text.

2. “Temptation” seems to blend elements like punk, and techno. I would love to know the inspiration behind blending these different genres and what you hope listeners take away from the track?

Proper techno was always punk, if there’s no punk in techno then it shouldn’t be called techno. There are plenty of other terms to choose from. House grew out of disco, high energy and funk. Techno out of punk, industrial and EBM, that’s easily forgotten today. Not everything that goes boom boom is techno.

3. The “Korgen Aamat Version” of “Temptation” is quite distinct from the original. The powerful instrumentation took me by surprise and totally blew me away! That made me wonder about your collaboration with Korgen Aamat and how the two of you brought this version to life.

Well, Korgen Aamat, I can’t say anything about that, because it’s a secret project and nobody knows who is behind it. We are happy to have gotten the remix.

4. Are there any new sounds or techniques that you experimented with in the production of “Temptation” and the “Korgen Aamat version”?

Yes, I’ve tried a new microphone for a long time, the Shure SM 7B.

5. How do you see the electronic music scene evolving in the next few years and how do you see yourself fitting into that evolution?

I always find it exciting how electronic music keeps evolving, faster than rock, jazz or other styles of music. A lot is taken from pop and mixed up so unbearably that I sometimes have doubts about us humans, but then something incredibly exciting emerges, like tracks by Sophie, who unfortunately passed away.

I will continue to produce music that is forward and non-repetitive. I’m always looking for new sounds and techniques to improve my productions, but also to develop stylistically. Standing still is boring.

6. As a veteran in the music industry, what advice would you give to aspiring musicians and producers trying to make it in the industry?

Don’t always believe what is shown on spotify and instagram. Many plays and followers are not desirable at any price just to get gigs or deals. Just make authentic music without thinking about the money and you will be well rewarded.

7. Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you’re particularly excited about?

We’re very focused on the new XPQ-21 album and we’re excited to see if it turns out the way I have in mind. Some requests for XPQ remixes have come in, but I don’t know if I can take them in time.2

But who knows what will happen, today everything happens at short notice and you have to be flexible.

Enjoy listening to Temptation here.

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