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Luke Targett - Fall For U | Cover Art
Luke Targett - Fall For U | Cover Art

Luke Targett – Fall For U

Luke Targett is a pop artist who creates music that digs deep into emotions and touches the heart like a subtle bliss of joy. This artist surely knows how to paint vivid pictures through his lyrics. This is an artist that will surely resonate with millions of people out there. His music is a perfect example of how mainstream yet innovative an artist can be! You will be thrilled to find out how well this artist executes and carries his track. Luke made his debut in 2016 with the track named ‘Back Together’ and has been putting out some amazing tracks ever since. Do give this artist a go if you like to listen to music that is filled with emotions.

I recently discovered this artist when I stumbled upon his latest release which is named ‘Fall For U’. The track is packed with intricate melodies and vocals that are heartfelt. The lyrics are written with delicacy. The track starts off with an ambient melody and vocals that cover the rest of the headspace. The drums kick in with impact, creating the perfect vibe for the track. The chorus of the track is surely catchy and sticks to your tongue right away. Overall, this is an amazing track that displays some unique musical elements that are used well, blended with vocals and drums that touch the soul. If you like to listen to pop music that is rich in all the musical aspects, this is a perfect match for you! You can catch a little glimpse of the track ‘Fall For U’ by Luke Targett down here-

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