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Rohaan Ryan - Where Do We Go
Rohaan Ryan - Where Do We Go

Rohaan Ryan & Raag – Where Do We Go

When the mind roams to discover the reason for its existence, it leaves surreal worlds in its wake. And that’s what Rohaan Ryan & Raag explore in their new single, Where Do We Go. The track also showcases the talent of singer-songwriter, Caveman Dodo. Together, the trio creates a genre-bending track to encapsulate the journey to self and the value of existence. With Ryan’s art rock blended in with lo-fi electronics and Raag’s hypnotic vocals, the track is the perfect companion to get lost with in the folds of your mind.

The sparkling synths flourish against a bed of ruddy basslines. Populated with contrasting textures and layers of sonics, the canvas is auditorily enriching. Using a disjointed rhythm design and ethereal breezes, the artists create an outwordly atmosphere. And captivated by the absurdist wavelengths of sound, we drift into astronomical ruminations.

Hailing from India, all three artists have a unique style and musical stamp. United by the artistic vision, the smooth transitions and spectacular progression make for a cohesive brand of sound. And its meditative quality aligns with the aesthetic of Ryan’s debut release, callingitanight. Both these tracks give us a peak into his debut album which is set to release before the end of the year.

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