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Sombertrap | The Aftermath | Electronic | Sonic Painting
Sombertrap | The Aftermath | Electronic | Sonic Painting

Sombertrap – The Aftermath | Sonic painting

Music has the power to create. Just like the fine arts, music also has the ability to paint pictures and create scenes and stories in our minds. Music has the power to bring out anyone’s imagination! Just like reading a book forces the reader to imagine what they read, music does the same! Sombertrap is like a sonic architect that creates geological structures in stereo. A world in itself, that you can visit every time you listen. It could even serve as an escape from the grips of reality. A sonic painting that you can enter at will.

“Fragments, pieces of ideas. Dreams dreamt, strung together. Sometimes resembling what would be described by some as music. Others, hear only noise.”


An apt description of Sombertrap’s music! An amalgamation of separate ideas that can only be imagined within the world of dreams. A masterful weaver -Sombertrap, manages to weave these ideas together to form the most beautiful sonic painting that you can only imagine.

I absolutely love the way the song starts, with a gentle piano that just greets you with open arms and lulls you into Sombertrap’s world. As you let your guard down, you notice the subtle drums and the driving bass guitar that are all around you and they slowly get more prominence as you happen to notice them. Before you know it, the track is done and you are left there, craving for more. In a foreign land, with no direction and no idea where to go. Solemn and lonely, a gray world that is full of pleasant surprises and gentle creatures.

But what worries me is the aftermath. What happens when the song is over? A truly apt name for this track.

Amazing single, that sucks the user in. A masterful track that just stands apart. I absolutely love it and I can’t stop listening to it. I just want to be in Sombertrap’s world! The definition of peace almost brings tears to your eyes without a single word being uttered. After all – words are just sounds! Look out for more of Sombertrap’s music! This is an artist that is breaking boundaries and creating imaginary worlds with his music.

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Words are just sounds.

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