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Dragonfly Sky - Willow Tree
Dragonfly Sky - Willow Tree

Dragonfly Sky – Willow Tree | Ballad

As a fan of cinematic music, it is difficult to capture the ominosity as well as the UK-based duo of Dragonfly Sky. The harmonic duo manages to immerse you in the intensity of Willow Tree. The song gives you the feeling of impending doom, but with a sense of urgency. Dragonfly Sky’s harmonies complement the instrumental track like they’re shining in the beauty of the soul. Willow Tree sounds like it belongs on the score of Lord Of The Rings with its constant adding and subtracting of instruments. You feel as if you’re on a journey, and you’re meeting your forbidden lover. Dragonfly Sky tries its best to mask this love song, but by masking it in the instrumental. An almost musical description of Romeo and Juliet, Willow Tree induces anxiety and excitement into the heart of the listener. This anxiety is what excites you, though. The seductive vocals draw you in like that of a siren. The harmonies and instruments encapsulate you. You feel that same rush as you would before taking that leap of faith. Love is like a river and it flows into the night – best describes the feeling. The increasing crescendos and diminuendos keep you guessing as to where you’re going, but with the same faith of finding the Willow Tree.

If you’re into ballads of the sort then don’t forget to add Willow Tree to your playlists!

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