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Bias’ Ogni Istante
Bias’ Ogni Istante
Bias - Ogni Istante

Bias’ Ogni Istante Is a Song That Every Listener Will Enjoy and Instantly Relate to the Vibes

Get ready to lose yourself in the sonic wilderness that the latest single by Bias, Ogni Istante, offers. Hailing from the beautiful city of Imola, northern Italy, Bias is a brilliant and prolific music composer as well as a producer. While the credit behind the writing and performance of this song goes to Bias himself, Michele Suzzi is the one responsible for the fantastic mixing and mastering of this beautiful track.

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Ogni Istante, Bias’ latest single is a composition that draws inspiration from the heaven-on-earth, breathtaking landscapes of the beautiful Northern European country of Iceland. However, it is not merely the awe-inspiring beauty of the place but also the spiritual impact of being at the spot that serves as the groundwork for this beautiful track by Bias. Therefore, more than the impact of the scenic beauty, it is the emotional impact of the vibes that works as an amazing inspiration behind this song.

The story of the fleeting moments in life and love!

Even though it might sound like an overall musical experience, but there is an underlying lyrical beauty of this song that comes out of a heart-touching poem written by the Bias himself, which talks about love between two individuals and the involvement of the gradual steps that the individuals take in getting to know each other.

The name of the song, Ogni Istante, translates to the phrase ‘Every Moment,’ and that is exactly what the track is all about. Through the beautiful musical elements, Bias takes us on a journey where we instantly relate to the concept of the fleeting moments in life and love.

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So check out this amazing track and enjoy every bit of this musical journey. Listen to the song here:

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