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LLC’s Are You Out There
LLC’s Are You Out There
LLC’s Are You Out There

LLC’s Are You Out There Is One of the Finest Pop-Punk Songs of Recent Times

There are certain songs that make you groove to the beats and at the same time brings a smile to your face with its overall vibe. Such a similar kind of track is the absolute latest single by LLC, Are You Out There and once you tune in to this song, you are surely in for a wholesome sonic treat. So, before we get to the song, let us get to know a bit about the artist himself.

LLC is the initials for Lorenzo La Cava who is a musician, more of a one-man band hailing from Sydney, Australia. During the pre-pandemic period, he played incessantly around the country and beyond as a baker and also collaborated in writing music with several artists.

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Are You Out There, LLC’s latest single also features significant vocal contributions from Will Pugh, the singer for the band Cartel. This track is an out-and-out pop-punk composition and it instantly gets the listeners grooving to its beats and it is just a matter of few seconds into the song that you feel connected to its happy vibes. Lyrically, as Lorenzo suggests, this song came up during his solo travels to different parts of the world by penning down how or what he felt and going on a quest of rediscovery within those thoughts.

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The overall musical aspect of the song is amazing but you must check out the really short and sweet guitar solo at the end. Listen to the track here:

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