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MAL Come To Light
MAL Come To Light
MAL Come To Light

“Come To Light” With Experimental Heavy Rock Trip With MAL

MAL, the alternative and progressive rock power trio, has made a triumphant return with their latest album, “Come To Light.” Drawing inspiration from a wide range of legendary bands, including Pink Floyd, Deftones, Black Sabbath, Sex Pistols, Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, David Bowie, and Nirvana, MAL weaves a sonic tapestry that pushes the boundaries of rock music. “Come To Light” as a record creates a unique and exciting sound. Throughout the album’s almost twenty tracks, listeners are taken on a thrilling ride that explores the depths of alternative rock, metal, and progressive.

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The band’s lineup delivers a performance that is both powerful and emotionally charged. The album’s songs exhibit a remarkable range of tempos and styles, ensuring each track feels fresh and distinct. The title track, “Come To Light,” showcases MAL’s versatility, combining hard rock with a heavy edge and exceptional musicianship. The result is an electrifying anthem that leaves a lasting impression. “5 On Eye” is a great minor riff based heavy alternative rock. We also get to taste acoustic based rock with “The Confidence of Cats”. “Sleeper” is a wacky doom rock song with powerful nasal rock vocals.

MAL’s musical prowess shines throughout the album, with tracks that transport listeners to the heart of alternative rock. “Hero’s Gold” stands out as a song with a rock hook to die for. The album’s path effortlessly guides listeners through the album’s sonic journey. This cohesive approach allows “Come To Light” to be enjoyed from start to finish, taking listeners on an immersive experience. “Commit Me” delves into the grunge era’s greatness while infusing a progressive alt-rock touch, delivering a powerful blend of nostalgia and innovation. “Besides” has a nice riff starting into the verses and an overall fine mid tempo alternative rock song.

One of the album’s standout moments is “Madness As Lift,” a track that lives up to its title with insane musical elements making it a thinking rocker’s delight. It showcases MAL’s penchant for astute songwriting in rock, prog, and alt. Throughout “Come To Light,” the rhythm section is exceptional and provides a satisfying knock in the grooving senses. The vocal performance is heavy and tight with lots of dirt and shiny elements.

MAL’s “Come To Light” displays musical prowess. This album is a must-listen for anyone craving a immersive rock experience. With its aural variation, well performed vocals, and musical richness, “Come To Light” solidifies MAL’s as a fine prog alt rock band. So, dive in, press play, and let MAL take you on an unforgettable sonic trip.

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