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Darren Deschaine Unravel
Darren Deschaine Unravel
Darren Deschaine Unravel

‘Unravel’ This Three Act Instrumetal Djent Metal Extravaganza By Darren Deschaine

Dunfermline, Scotland, guitarist and producer Darren Deschaine emerges his debut instrumental prog metal release, “Unravel“. Deschaine takes listeners on a whirlwind journey through the realms of djent and metalcore, showcasing his prowess as a masterful music producer and axeman.

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Clocking in at just about 12 minutes, “Unravel” is a short but intense collection of metal, dipping into riffs and sounds with remarkable finesse. The album is a blend of metalcore, djent, doom, and symphonic elements, all meticulously woven together into a seamless auditory experience that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

The opening track, “Eyes On The Inside,” sets the stage with an eerie symphonic intro that gradually evolves into a neo-classical guitar extravaganza. The transition from symphonic to industrial to metalcore is as smooth as it is unexpected, keeping listeners on their toes. The song offers a feast of heavy riffs and tightly executed drum grooves and fills, all adorned with industrial noise samples that add an edgy layer to the composition.

“Land Under Wave” follows suit with a cascading synth riff that falls into a blend of industrial djent guitars and pulsating drums. This groovy metalcore track is bound to make heads bang in unison, thanks to its infectious rhythm and powerful energy. We are treated to an insane face melting guitar solo here as well. The song concludes with a symphonic metal outro that seamlessly fuses with djent characteristics, leaving one wishing for more.

The title track, “Unravel,” hits the ground running with an unforgettable, crazy prog djent riff that’s sure to get hearts racing. The song’s breakdowns are nothing short of jaw-dropping, displaying a harmonious marriage between doom and prog influences. This dynamic fusion makes “Unravel” a standout piece on the album, showcasing Deschaine’s ability as composer and performer.

“Unravel” is a modern metal EP that refuses to be confined. Darren Deschaine’s debut release showcases his impeccable production skills and musical versatility. From the symphonic intricacies to the doom-laden breakdowns and djent metalcore power riffing, the album is a rollercoaster ride through the various dimensions of metal.

In a mere three songs, “Unravel” proves that Darren Deschaine needs to get into your playlist. This EP depicts the boundless possibilities of metal music and a thrilling glimpse into the future of the genre. In a world where the metal scene is ever-evolving, “Unravel” confidently stands to show the creative potential that still thrives within the genre. Darren Deschaine’s ability to blend different metal subgenres while maintaining a cohesive sound shows his musical acumen. If you’re a fan of energetic and innovative metal that pushes boundaries, “Unravel” should definitely find its place in your playlist. Go ahead, plug in your headphones, and let “Unravel” unfold before you.

Unravel” releases on September 1. Find the Pre-save link here:

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