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Multiplicity Apeiron Bound
Multiplicity Apeiron Bound
Multiplicity Apeiron Bound

Apeiron Bound Serves Cinematic Prog Metal Opus ‘Multiplicity’ With An Edge

Apeiron Bound with their latest album, “Multiplicity,” serves a captivating and masterfully crafted journey into the realms of progressive metal. Inspired by the Yin-Yang concept, the band skillfully blends organized chaos and accessible melodies with avant-garde elements, resulting in a cinematic experience that pushes the boundaries of the genre. With 12 powerful tracks spanning over an hour, this album showcases the band’s diverse musical influences and thought-provoking musical themes.

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From the very beginning, “Multiplicity” grabs listeners’ attention with “Astral Projection,” a brief but enchanting symphonic string intro that sets the contemplative mood for what’s to come. The journey truly begins with “Thought & Memory,” featuring Jon Pyres, an explosive track that combines mesmerizing guitar lines, exceptional drumming, and symphonic sections, creating an unforgettable metal experience. Throughout the album, Apeiron Bound collaborates with talented musicians like Angel Vivaldi on “Eleutheromania,” where the fusion of screamed vocals, intricate riffs, and atmospheric melodies results in a true sonic gem. The dark and captivating “Melancholic Zen,” featuring Frank Sacramone from Earthside, delivers magical soundscapes and emotional depth with minimal percussion.

One of the standout tracks, “My Sweet Stockholm,” is a phenomenal dark heavy metal masterpiece with tenor and screamed vocals, intense blast beats, and prog symphonic elements that showcase the band’s versatility and technical prowess. “Firmament” continues the metal onslaught with symphonic grandeur, intricate guitar solos, and powerful vocals, making it a quality metal track that leaves a lasting impression. “Multiplicity” also takes a detour with “Precocious Tribalism,” a mesmerizing instrumental interlude combining eerie vocal Gregorian chant-like elements with electronic accents, adding another layer of complexity to the album. As the journey unfolds, “Emotive Servitude” captivates with its intricate prog metal composition, while “Absent Familiarity,” featuring Joshua Corum from Head With Wings, shines as a nine-minute proggie bonanza filled with technical brilliance.

The album’s diversity extends to electronic instrumental pieces like “Chaotic Fervor,” featuring Frank Sacramone, which takes the listener on an enigmatic and intriguing sonic adventure. “Astral Reflection” is an eight-minute masterpiece that weaves together sitar-like tapped sections, intense drumming, rasped vocals, and gothic metal elements, all culminating in a phenomenal technical metal journey. The epic finale by Apeiron Bound, “Era in Fenim // Novis Initiis,” featuring Rich Gray from Aeon Zen, immerses listeners in a rich symphonic tapestry, starting with low-end piano and synth flute parts and eventually transitioning to a great rock metal outro with an impressive guitar solo.

As a whole, “Multiplicity” is a holistic progressive metal album that flawlessly incorporates elements from various sub-genres, resulting in an exquisite musical journey. The album boasts tenor vocals reminiscent of bands like Dream Theater and Queensryche, complemented by extreme vocal and musical elements, such as technical death, symphonic, and djent. With rich symphonic and string arrangements, powerful vocal performances, mind-bending polyrhythms, and odd time signatures, “Multiplicity” stands out as an outstanding example of modern progressive metal. Apeiron Bound’s unique blend of accessible melodies, experimental elements, and thought-provoking music ensures that every song on the album is a banger, making “Multiplicity” a must-listen for metal enthusiasts seeking a refreshing and captivating musical experience.

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