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Aza Brown-Wasting Away
Aza Brown-Wasting Away
Aza Brown-Wasting Away

Aza Brown shines a little perspective with his fun track, “Wasting Away”

Aza Brown can make you miss a genre you might have never been your favourite. That’s how well he writes music and melodies. It is the true approach of a songwriter, with a jump, pep and swing. There’s no way this single will not be on your playlist for how fun it is to sing. His latest single is an eye-opener in terms of living our lives, with simple approaches. This one is called Wasting Away.

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Aza Brown shines a light

You can hear The Beatles influences immediately. They are addictive runs which have simple, memorable lyrics. What used to be called music for the people. While we burn away our lives doing mundane things, we lack the excitement of living it with the surprises it carries. All Aza Brown does with this song is tilting the spotlight. It all becomes apparent, just don’t drown in the shallow problems that surface sometimes. It is a sweet perspective on life we seem to have lost, even though we faced introspection during the pandemic. There’s a reason Aza is so popular with his music, your happy face is then on all the time. It might be tough to turn that frown upside down. Listen to Wasting Away and that will change immediately. 

The Way That I Roll, For Real? and Afterthought are some of his best work. Like smart songwriters, Lindsey Buckingham, Tom Petty and Paul McCartney-Aza Brown is carrying the baton to a much required genre. Where poetry ties with melody to teach us a little something. Listen to his single and follow him for more brilliant tracks that are sure to come!

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