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Spotify Echo

Spotify Echo: New Feature Announced on WMD2023 Aspires to Elevate Instrumental Indian Classical Music

In a bid to celebrate and promote Indian classical music, Spotify, the popular music streaming giant, launched an initiative called Echo on The World Music Day. This endeavour aims to bring recognition to the genre that has long taken a backseat in global mainstream music.

Rahul Balyan, the head of music at Spotify India said “The rich cultural heritage of Indian classical music and musical instruments continues to be celebrated in India and around the world. Through Echo, we expand our offering of Indian classical instrumental music on the platform, through three new playlists and artist collaborations. We are proud to be working with some of the foremost Indian classical musicians for this initiative, and hope to be able to take their music to even more listeners across the country and the world.

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Echo Initiatives : Unveiling the Timeless Traditions

Echo debuts with three curated playlists, each dedicated to showcasing the talent and mastery of iconic Indian classical musicians and their respective instruments. These playlists will feature flautist Naveen Kumar, tabla player and multi-percussionist Anuradha Pal, and sitar player Rishab Sharma. Spotify’s Echo initiative aims to highlight the rich heritage of Indian classical music by dedicating each month to a specific musical instrument. Throughout the month, Echo will delve into the instrument’s history, while engaging in insightful conversations with artists who have specialized in playing that instrument. 

Indian classical music, often considered a niche genre, has managed to survive through the unwavering support of loyal patrons. However, it has struggled to attain mainstream recognition due to a shortage in worldwide representation. Spotify’s Echo initiative aims to change that narrative by introducing this genre and musical tradition to a wider audience.

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Indian Classical : A Growing Popularity Amongst The Younger Generations

A data compiled by Spotify shows that the consumption of Indian classical music on the platform has witnessed a growth of 500% over the past 24 months. It is also noteworthy that a significant portion of listeners below the age of 25 enjoy Indian classical music. Furthermore, this data refutes the notion that older generations are the only ones who cherish Indian classical music.

With this initiative Spotify not only enhances the accessibility of this traditional genre but also guarantees a continued relevance and sustainability in the modern era of digitalization.

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