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Chip & The Charge Ups - What Happened to the Boy Next Door?
Chip & The Charge Ups - What Happened to the Boy Next Door?

Chip & The Charge Ups deliver Potent Punk Formations with Latest Release, “What Happened to the Boy Next Door?”

Chip & The Charge Ups are a Pittsburgh-based punk rock band formed in 2018 by Chip Dominick & Maleena Dominick. Packed with power and grit, the band renders titanic licks of hardcore punk and hard rock. Their combination of raging gusto and progressive styles quickly gained them a growing fanbase, giving them opportunities to play at prominent musical festivals and open for national acts including Dirty Honey, Dee Snider, Nita Strauss, and Liliac. The band’s ability to envision hectic soundscapes and implement it with trademark temperament and unique artistic signages is incredible. In their latest six track EP, What Happened to the Boy Next Door?, Chip & The Charge Ups go through legendary frames of punk, grunge, and hard rock. Listen Now! 

“Paying Back The Devil” introduces the album with an army of beats and emphatic riff breaks. Paired with performative vocals and histrionic builds, the track is an evolving fabric of sound that tells a story of sinful passion and the price you pay. 

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“Maleena Made Us Change The Name of This Track” follows with potent punk formations. The urgent synchrony of vocals with flying beats and soaring riffs speaks to the band’s sonic cohesiveness and camaraderie. Exuding high energy and a bellowing emotion, the track conceptualizes the excitement and desperado of love and its passionate artifacts. The emotion manifests in ways that will have you going back to it over and over. 

Up next, “Ultra-Legendary”. Employing a meta framework of shreds, punk beats, and humming bass lines, the band breathes new meaning to the theme. The band leverages boomeranging arcs to embark on explosive and ambitious punk odysseys before returning to familiar frames with a heightened perspective. While the vocals tell a story of iconic masters and heroes of sonic revolutions, the instrumentation portrays it. 

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“Sideways Middle Finger” is the next track. Powered by monstrous riffs and its gigantic foreplay, the track is delivered with a sensational style. With a stellar vocal performance leading the way, the soundscape elevates the juvenile spite and urge that the title promises. “Married in White, Buried in Black” is crafted with a dual persona. The thunder riff pulses and grand orchestra of beats serenades a romantic spell. With an overarching celebratory tone, the occasion of punk is set off by melodic interludes and warm harmonies. 

“Welcome To The Neighbourhood” concludes the album with obsidian sentiments as Maleena’s sinister vocal emotion cruises over valleys of punk elements. The band populates the relativity of dreamy sonic swishes with hardcore grunge machinations and tumulus riffs to unite rock n roll and blues with their punk persona. 

You can listen to “What Happened to the Boy Next Door?” Album by  Chip & The Charge Ups here – 

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