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Sebastian Clarin's Tongue Particles
Sebastian Clarin's Tongue Particles
Sebastian Clarin - Tongue Particles

Swedish Electronic Musician Sebastian Clarin’s Tongue Particles Will Surely Make You Fall in Love With the Electronica Genre

If you are someone who likes to vibe with electronic music while feeling the groove and enjoying the overall melody, the latest single by Sebastian Clarin, Tongue Particles, is the song where your search ends. Hailing from Sweden, Sebastian is an independent electronic musician who creates some of the most mesmerizing electronic tracks that bring a fresh, new perspective to the genre.

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Tongue Particles, Sebastian Clarin’s latest single, is one of the finest electronic tracks that you will ever listen to, and the reason is simply that other than its programmed beats, triggers, and loops, this track comprises a soothing vibe due to its extremely pretty and mood-lifting melodies. The track starts off with a synth loop, and the beats that follow form a strikingly brilliant foundation to the song by adding a chill, medium-paced groove right before the vocals kick in immediately after. Throughout the song, you will hear some really soul-pleasing melodic lines and sections that significantly add to the song’s beauty.

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So, if you are a keen explorer who loves listening to various kinds of music, Sebastian Clarin’s Tongue Particles is the song you must check out. Listen to this track here:

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