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VISSIA – I Just Wanna Hold U | Exquisite

In her song ‘I Just Wanna Hold U’ which is also from her current stunningly beautiful album ‘With Pleasure’, VISSIA sounds so refreshingly confident. In the song, VISSIA sounds so fresh and charming. Her tone alone draws you into the mood since she performs so elegantly. She really improves the whole experience of listening to the composition. The songwriting connects such wonderful innocent memories from the past, which were far less difficult and had no filters between two people. She brilliantly captures and displays her notions, which are both recent and old. There’s a sense that she’s losing out on a wonderful person with whom she has fond memories. With so many intricacies, she catches those sensitive feelings with so much clarity.

The sonic environment is just delectable. The guitar lines are quite captivating, with the Piano providing warmth. As the song advances to the chorus, the bass joins in and establishes itself as a prominent element in the song. Throughout the composition, the kick and tom combination remains steady. The song is made much more memorable by the extended vocal harmonies. The presence of such lush-sounding voices has a tremendous impact on the mood. Finally, when the song approaches its conclusion, we hear some very wonderful improvisations by VISSIA, which would be the song’s pinnacle. I am convinced that when more people become aware of the song, it will leave a lasting favourable effect on them and appeal to a wide variety of listeners.

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