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anna thoresen - limit
anna thoresen - limit

“LIMIT” by Anna Thoresen Is An R&B-Pop Fusion That Commands Attention

Anna Thoresen, a talented singer, songwriter, and producer in New York, is originally from New Jersey. Her great love of music flared at an early age, bringing her to the stage at the age of ten in numerous musical theatre plays. This passion for music carried over into her high school years when she joined the chorus. Anna’s artistic path took a crucial step during the height of the pandemic while she was in college. During this period, she recorded her first single, launching her bright career in the music industry.

“LIMIT,” Anna Thoresen’s latest song, is a lovely combination of R&B and pop, with funky and melodic components that drew me in right away. The beats are contagious, just urging you to tap your feet in sync. However, it’s Anna Thoresen’s vocals that was the showstopper for me. Her voice is not just powerful but also packed with control, depth, and melody. The rap passages just took me by surprise. The rap section provides a welcome contrast, and Anna’s immaculate delivery is truly engaging.

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The flawless ebb and flow sections are wonderful. The chorus is noteworthy for its dramatic vocal delivery, which alternates between furious screams and ambient vocals that contribute to the song’s magic.

“LIMIT” is an empowering anthem. You notice various emotions, ranging from rage to relief, concluding in a celebration of power and freedom. Each element of the song, from the vocals to the production, is perfect, making it a must-listen song worthy of your time.

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Enjoy listening to “LIMIT” by Anne Thoresen here.

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