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Bengaluru metal band Inner Sanctum. Photo - Nishanth Vijaykumar
Bengaluru metal band Inner Sanctum. Photo - Nishanth Vijaykumar
Bengaluru metal band Inner Sanctum. Photo - Nishanth Vijaykumar

Vocalist Gaurav Basu Departs Metal Band Inner Sanctum: “Hard but necessary”

In a surprising move, Gaurav Basu, the frontman of the popular Indian death/thrash metal band Inner Sanctum, has announced his departure from the group after a staggering 16-year tenure. Basu took to Instagram to share the emotional announcement, expressing his gratitude to the band and fans while shedding light on the reasons behind his decision.

Basu elaborated on the demands and challenges of being in a band, which extend far beyond the adrenaline rush of live performances. He cites the less glamorous aspects of gigging life, highlighting hours of rehearsals, soundchecks, merchandise management, self-promotion, and marketing. All of which no longer resonated with him.

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Sharing the reasons behind his departure, “Things that once brought me joy about being in a band no longer excite my senses,” Basu confessed. “The entire process of what it takes to be musically active has become a complete turn-off for me. It just felt dishonest after a point. I am sure my disinterest in band-related activities did not go unnoticed by the band either.”

In his farewell to fans and bandmates, Basu stressed the importance of authenticity in heavy metal. “Heavy metal is authentic, and if I continue singing for the band, I’m just faking it“. Continuing he added, “It was a tough decision, but I stepped down from my vocalist role for Inner Sanctum last week, opening the door for fresh blood.

Inner Sanctum, formed in 2006, started as a college circuit act and rose to prominence. They have shared stages with legends like Metallica and Slayer and supported bands like Amon Amarth, Cradle of Filth, and Textures during their Indian and European tours.

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Additionally, as a visual and graphic artist, Basu has designed album covers and promotional materials for his own band and several major artists in Indian independent music. His moniker Acid Toad is especially popular for elaborate artworks and personalized gig flyers.

While fans will undoubtedly miss his insane stage presence, Basu mentioned that he would remain involved in the music scene, through his visual art and design work.

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