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edie yvonne - queen bee
edie yvonne - queen bee

“Queen Bee” by Edie Yvonne Is A Retro-Inspired Indie Pop Gem

Edie Yvonne is a Los Angeles-based multi-talented artist. She is a singer, composer, and actor who is only 14 years old. Edie’s love of music and acting has led her to star in a number of short films, demonstrating her versatility and talent in the entertainment sector. Edie Yvonne is a rising star to watch in LA’s vibrant artistic scene, with a bright future ahead of her.

“Queen Bee” by Edie Yvonne is an indie pop earworm with a perfect mix of nostalgic vibes and a modern touch. Her passionate and sensuous voice is at the core of this retro-inspired gem, evoking memories of a disco era with a classic appeal.

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Such vocal prowess and emotional depth from a young performer is astounding. With its shining retro synths, vibrant rhythm, fast beats, exhilarating guitar work, and top-notch vocal delivery, the song casts a hypnotic spell in under two minutes. The vocals also deliver a sense of empowerment, which perfectly complements the theme of the song. The atmospheric chorus is just what you need to complete the song!

“Queen Bee” is not only a standalone release. It’s also linked to Edie Yvonne’s upcoming short film “The Suzys.” This film dives into the world of cruel girls and their loyal minions, offering a thematic link that reinforces the narrative of the song. “Queen Bee” is enticing and tempting, demonstrating Edie Yvonne’s remarkable skill and ability to take listeners to a lost musical era while remaining new and present.

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Enjoy listening to “Queen Bee” by Edie Yvonne here.

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