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Alex Cherney – Dream Life | Heartfelt Indie

Known for his electronica-infused tracks, indie-pop artist Alex Cherney from New York is back with a fresh new release that depicts his ‘Dream Life’. The artist is no stranger to the pop scene and has been making waves in the industry ever since his debut release ‘Sunshower’ in 2020. With soft electronic beats, bright synths and smooth vocals, Alex sings about love, lust and a lot of what’s in between on his latest release.

The track opens with a slow synth arpeggio and a soft, yet deep kick that plays the entire 3:41-minute duration. Alex sings in a light-hearted tone, reminiscing about times with his significant other. His voice floats over the soft instrumentation in the initial verse, evoking a feeling of nostalgia and hope. Inspired by artists such as Joni Mitchell and The Beatles, Alex incorporates uplifting chord progressions and heartfelt lyrics on this track, along with the addition of modern electronic elements that add a different colour.

And if you leave / You can fall on me always / You’re in my dream / Dream life

The track progressively gets more vibrant with the addition of a few synths and wide harmonies. It almost feels like the track is acoustic because of how intimate Alex’s voice sounds here. Additionally, his natural and smooth vocal delivery further add depth to the song’s emotional feel. There aren’t many instruments that clutter up the mix and so there’s a lot of space for his vocals to shine through. Combining elements from multiple genres, the song has a fresh sound that tells a relatable story as well; a great addition for your chill music playlists!

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