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Love Ghost-Human Error 404
Love Ghost-Human Error 404
Love Ghost-Human Error 404

Love Ghost & Ritorukai touch rock & hip-hop waves with this latest single, “Human Error 404”

Love Ghost are now a steady embed in today’s zeitgeist. They are an expression for people who resonate with the kind of themes and styles that the band approaches. Known for their myriad collaborations and constant expansion of sound, this is one collective that is changing the narrative. This is their latest single with Ritorukai, Human Error 404. 

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Maybe, sometimes, we aren’t our best selves. It is ok to take a step back, recuperate and test the stream of water. Love Ghost write and perform about that respite, that moment away from all the noise. Like any alt-rock smashing hit, it has a build up that makes sure the lyrics are the nose of the rocket. As we progress, the layers peel back to show something unique, with the help of Ritorukai. Their love for pop-punk and alt-rock with hip-hop infusions are now something of a signature. A swinging track with trap beats, you’ll be in awe of their multilingual approach. This band is coming together with the range and taste palette of those they admire, and those they hope to inspire. For a moment, it is an escape from one mind into another.

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Love Ghost recently released GLOCK and Snap, some of the hardest hitting tracks in the indie bubble. They have ballooned to become a favourite live, and are on tour right now. If you can, do visit them and give them some much deserved love. The voice of those who have a real voice, this band is a cultural revolution as an undercurrent. Listen to their single here with us!:

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