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Joshua Woo - 10-2-1
Joshua Woo - 10-2-1

Joshua Woo – 10-2-1 | Productive Boost

Joshua Woo is a singer-songwriter and Twitch partnered musician. The UK-based artist crafts soundscapes that truly encapsulate positive, constructive environments. His music is a beautiful blend of electronica and organic musical elements. His use of Synthwave elements creates a supremely sublime atmosphere. It is probably fitting because of Woo’s background in association with Twitch and the correlation between the music and productivity rates.

10-2-1 is an Experimental Electronica track that has a rather interesting, positive workflow to it. I love how the track keeps you at pace with an optimal working speed. It seems like the kind of track you would play in the background while trying to get some work done. While it contains many Synthwave elements, the track sounds like a more positive, futuristic The Smiths. I really enjoy how everything in the mix kind of blurs the boundaries in order to encapsulate the listener and immerse them entirely in the song. Additionally, 10-2-1 has this Gorillaz-like, electronic beat in the background that truly captures the heavenly, divine nature of the track.

Joshua Woo is a really talented musician. You can catch him on Twitch every now and then. Moreover, his music will help you boost your own productivity. There’s just something about Electronica and how comforting it can be at times.

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