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“Expanse of You”, by Tallulah Rendall: An unfolding cinematic mystery

I have always been– even if inexplicably so– a sucker for the drama, the lights, and the cinematic. Music that embodies it, with no doubt, takes this and notches it up to eleven, to the point where there is no contesting that expansive, elaborate stories woven into music just seem to catch my light differently. “Expanse of You”, by Tallulah Rendall, is no different. In fact, I’d say this is the kind of music that made me fall in love with this style of music in the first place. Join me as we take a minute to delve into the smallest of details this masterpiece in sound has to offer.

From the delicately picked acoustic guitar that jolts you– gently, to the angelic choirs in the background, there could not be a better way to scream to the listener that what they’re about to step into, is not the run of the mill, not the par for the course. As Tallulah’s vocals make their grandiose entry, this is cemented. Supported by the low, ominous strings in the background as it holds the ship steady, letting the melody carve itself into the listener’s head, the delicate, almost silken texture of her voice makes itself heard. Couple that with the oh-so-subtle harmonies that start filling up your ears, and you have preface like none other, building the tension up gradually.

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As we settle into the primary motifs of the song, the strings take centre stage again, transporting one back to the shores of Ard Skellig (The Witcher, anyone?), and I mean this in the best way possible– this song really is that good at just plastering a scenic sight before one’s eyes, while sounding like it’s barely even trying to do so. The vocals, the harmonies behind, the guitars, and the strings all dally a dalliance so sly and ballet-like, it is quite something to hear.

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Perhaps I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the time to comment on the production at play on “Expanse of You”; and as minimalistic as it is, it is one of the magic spells that makes this song what it is– Fleurie at some points, Ruelle at others, packaged with a bow of Emma Ruth Rundle; remaining at all times, intimate, yet so irresistibly powerful. The instruments have excellent balance and technique in their performances, with fun embellishments that only get better the closer you listen. All this, of course, wouldn’t stand out as beautifully as they do without a solid mix, and I’m more than happy to report that this has been achieved, and achieved on cloud nine.

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Overall, “Expanse of You”: a masterpiece that deserves more love today, and masterful in its execution. This song gets my two-thumbs up recommendation! Check out the song here:


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