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Sloppy Joe's - Live In Hamburg (Vol. 1)
Sloppy Joe's - Live In Hamburg (Vol. 1)
Sloppy Joe's - Live In Hamburg (Vol. 1)

Live In Hamburg (Vol. 1) is a compilation EP of tracks from two different live shows of the German-based power-rock trio Sloppy Joe’s

Get ready to listen to some hard-hitting, power-packed rock music because the latest EP by power rock trio Sloppy Joe’s, Live In Hamburg (Vol. 1), brings the very roots of classic rock to the table with their music. Based out of Hamburg, Germany, Sloppy Joe’s comprises the brilliant minds of singer and guitar player Jesse Garon, a groovy bass player with a gutsy sound, Johnny Angel, and the tight backbone of the band, drummer Pätzy Dävey!

Sloppy Joe’s Live In Hamburg (Vol. 1) is a compilation of songs from two different concerts of the trio back in 2016 and 2019, respectively. Both shows were recorded under professional supervision, and the best tracks out of them have been compiled into this twenty-four-minute, eight-second-long EP of six tracks. The choice of songs for this EP from the two concerts is absolutely perfect as they offer a similar experience to that of a typical Sloppy Joe’s live concert.

The songs included in Sloppy Joe’s – Live In Hamburg (Vol. 1)!

Although there are six songs in the EP, the first track, Intro, is not any song, but it captures the moment of the band’s stage entry with a synth bass drone and triggers playing in the background. These triggers smoothly blend into the start of the second track of the EP, Devil’s Music. The groove of this song is bold and forces you to get your head banging to it. Also, don’t forget to check out the face-melting guitar solo at the end! While the following song, Right Decision, is a pure up-tempo rock song with a steady overdriven rhythm section, the next track, Lonesome No.1, is similarly heavy but slower.

If you are a fan of bands like Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, etc., the following track of this EP, Make Some Noise, will make you jump to its tight and bouncy groove. The powerful vocals over the heart-thumping bass and the nasty guitar riffs and groovy rhythms make this song one of the best tracks of this EP. The final song, Some Broken Hearts Never Mend, is an exciting track as the band introduces it as a country metal song. It starts like a typical country blues rock song with a walking bass groove and traditional guitar lines before blasting off the high voltage heavy riffs. Besides the music of this song, the fun fact is that it is lyrically a romantic song, but the music gives it the twist of an enraged vibe.

So, don’t wait any longer, and quickly give a generous listen to Sloppy Joe’s Live In Hamburg (Vol. 1). You can check out this EP here:

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