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Sail Cassady – Old Green House | Reverb

Colin Craveiro, the creator of project Sail Cassady has been releasing music since 2018 and has shared a few emotive and heartfelt singles since. Known for his melancholic, dreamy production on tracks like ‘Lotus’ and ‘Mary Dream’, the singer-songwriter put out another masterpiece recently, titled, ‘Old Green House‘. Through his emotive vocals and intimate lyricsm, Cassady shares a moving story on this track, that is bound to keep you completely engaged for almost four heartwarming minutes.

‘Old Green House’ begins with a panned acoustic guitar and slightly dark atmospheric textures that introduce Cassady’s deep, soothing vocals. Right from the start, the track sounds quite unique, owing to the spacious stereo spread and deep, lofi-inspired processing on the instruments. Cassady sings a melancholic melody about the old house whose walls saw laughs and cries. He conveys an important message that though nothing lasts forever, life goes on and the memories will forever be cherished.

–“Everybody wants to be who they wish they really were”

As the track progresses, a mellow piano progression complements the lush two-part harmonies extravagantly. Additionally, the wide pads create a kind of ethereal space over which the electric guitar and soft synth fillers really shine through. Halfway through the song, you’d probably feel like it’s something you’ve never heard before.

With dynamic transitions and colourful, yet haunting verses, Cassady shares his introspective journey in a very emotive and heartfelt way. A great production, no doubt, but the mix could’ve been a tad cleaner for better impact; maybe that’s just me though!

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