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Ruebi – STRANGE | Retro Electronica

Ruebi is a Pre-Pop, Post Punk, Indie Disco, multi-instrumental, Autodidact based in Hamburg, Germany. He has performed with a relatively popular Dark Wave Post Punk band and left it around Covid. While he builds his followers, Ruebi wishes to gain popularity on his own merits. His music is rather interesting with loads to unpack. Even though he started out rather late, he is fine with that as he is only a part-time musician, for now. Although, his music is really cool and definitely deserves more fans and a larger audience.

His latest single, STRANGE, is self-descriptive. It is quite strange in multiple ways, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. I think the music is really cool and nuanced. The funky grooves and Talking Headsesque tones are rather cool. It reminds me of how songs during the 80s used the synth to its full potential. The song has so many cool elements that give it added layers of nuance. I think that the lyrics are the perfect vibe for the song. It makes sense when you listen to it in the context of STRANGE. There’s something about how upbeat, Pre-Pop, Post Punk music can just fill you with energy.

Ruebi is certainly an artist to keep an eye out for. Especially, if you enjoy that classic 80s to 90s transition period of music into electronica. Moreover, I can’t recommend Ruebi anymore because his music just speaks for itself!

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