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Haley Fishberger - Home (305) | Soulful
Haley Fishberger - Home (305) | Soulful

Haley Fishberger – Home (305) | Soulful

Haley Fishberger is an L.A.-based singer, songwriter, and producer who originally is from Miami. She is an ardent artist with a profoundness for authentic, one-of-a-kind music. 

Haley recently released a fresh song called Home (305), a gorgeous track with nuanced elements and euphoric soundscapes. If you are an indie folk lover, you will find so many treasures in this song because it is a beautiful refreshment and something quite unique. The sounds are layered and woven together beautifully in an intricate manner with many elements, that will be made clear on listening to the song again and again. There are a lot of things about the track that unravel themselves slowly and allow you to immerse completely in the soulful vibe of the song. The song has some brilliant, nostalgic, and poignant lyrics that add a lot of beauty to the song. You would love the way the lyrics complement the tunes and the melodies and they somehow go together perfectly with the poignance that each of the element individually creates. 

When it comes to the vocals, Haley’s voice has an almost transcendental quality to it that adds magnificence to the track furthermore. You would be astonished by her luscious vocalization which makes the track so enjoyable. Moreover, with stellar production quality, everything comes to the surface in a gorgeous way. 

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