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Margaritavillain – The Earth Day Rap (Every Day Is Earth Day) | Hard-Hitting

Dubbed the “Banksy of Rap” due to his unique talent, anonymity & political commentary, little is known about the mysterious & fresh rapper Margaritavillain who debuted in late 2020. He is often compared to  Eminem due to MV’s skilled lyrical wordplay, ability to rap rapidly & complex multisyllabic rhyme schemes, often rhyming entire sentences. A rapper hard to classify, Margaritavillain transcends genres with a blend of conscious, political, comedic, horrorcore, pop and alternative rap, making him a very unique voice in hip hop. He creates very diverse, yet relatable rap songs. This artist is fresh, relevant and exciting.

The way people treat the environment these days is pitiable, but with a little enlightenment, we just might bring the skies back to life. The 8-and-a-half + minute long song ‘The Earth Day Rap (Every Day Is Earth Day)’ challenges listeners by asking them to think about how important it is to protect our planet every single day of the year and not just on earth day. The clever lyrics are outstanding, and my favourite line says “The way people treat the environment these days” “Cuz with entitlement we all became” “No enlightenment so the skies be in a haze.”

This artist changed my mind regarding rap music by composing something thought-provoking for the listeners. The music of this track especially will be stuck in your head forever! The musical arrangements are so unique and catchy that you can’t help but love them. By the end of the day, you’ll find yourself singing along with the chorus, “Earth day earth day every day should be” and maybe even start taking our planet’s wellness seriously.

Enjoy listening to ‘The Earth Day Rap (Every Day Is Earth Day)’ here.

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