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GRENADAZSON-Pin Point | The bullets rain

From the island of Grenada from the West Indies, comes GRENADAZSON. Infatuated by Western music and influences, he moved to NYC, the city that claims to be the birthplace of hip-hop. Some of the greatest artist to lay their hats on the game hail from the Big Apple. Pin Point is paving a footpath to this dream.

His 2021 single sees him combine forces with Apollo Quest, D-Nasty ThaMasta, and Dero SZN. With impressive melodic control, GRENADAZSON combines the best of R&B and hip-hop in this track. The chorus is a catchy flinger, that you seem to find yourself waiting for. He has 3 singles out this year, Sooner Than Later being the latest one.

Was Pin Point your first collaboration with other artists? How did you feel making a track that has so many inputs?

No, Pin Point was not my first collaboration with other artists. I’ve always collaborated with other artists from the jump. My first being with the homies from London, unreleased music. Making a song with multiple inputs like Pin Point wasn’t hard cause I’ve worked with everyone involved before and as long as the vibe is right collaborating ain’t ever a problem.

With lyrical control and a blueprint for the melodic flow, this track shows the artist at his comfort zone, with a natural flow like the gifted Jay-Z or Nas. Visualizing the lyrics might be easier for GRENADAZSON now that he’s settled into the game.

From ATM to Sooner than Later, what has changed for GRENADAZSON?

A whole lot really hasn’t changed. If anything I’m just more comfortable and confident in my direction as far as what I’m building song wise and my command of the studio.

As he chooses tracks that have a strong core, the lyrics seem to surf effortlessly. Collaborating with two other indie artists for this track, still has his digital signature on it.

Searching for lands to conquer

Which would you say is your most rhythmically complex track? What about lyrical progression?

I can’t really say I have a rhythmically complex track that I’ve released so far. That is something I plan to do! Definitely looking forward to making a track where I display hella lyrical gymnastics! As far as lyrical progression, I don’t stress it at all. I’ve got lyrics to pick out of my head till Jesus comes back! My progression is more so focused on getting comfortable making choruses again as well as songs laced with melody.

As the creativity is always churning inside for this young maestro, its worth noting that the songs come in at blistering pace through the years. Endless creativity allows the moment to just incubate the best topic that comes to mind and bounce off it.

How do you ideate something to finalize as a track that you’re sure you want to release?

My ideas for songs usually come in the moment. I hardly do any writing to be honest. I just believe I’m so creative that the ideas and words will come when needed. Most of my songs like Qualified Certified and Pin Point were formulated on the spot in the moment. The beat, life experiences, the vibe in the stu and creativity come together in the moment and it’s go time!

Harnessing the power of music

Though your greatest inspirations are from hip-hop, who would you say is an unlikely inspiration that still is felt in your songs?

An unlikely inspiration that’s felt in my songs is likely just the power of music. It really is like another heart beat for me. All the artists that’s left a great impact on my life and the lives of others inspire me with their music. From Celine Dion to Michael Jackson to Linkin Park to Tupac to Eminem, etc.

This seems to just be a springboard for GRENADAZSON to create. He’s always waiting, for the idea to come in post cocoon-phase in his fresh worldview. We hope to hear a lot more from him.

Listen to his catchy hip-hop track here:

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