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Kyote Radio-Real Crime
Kyote Radio-Real Crime
Kyote Radio-Real Crime

Kyote Radio-Real Crime | Wipe off the dust

From the dunes of the Texas desert, comes Kyote Radio. No upside down, silver-dunked drumset. None of these overhyped guitarists with the axe that costs more than him. No bassist who has the excuse of getting drunk with the boys. This is a 3 piece that is out there to rock. And goddamn it, rock they will. This is their 2021 album, Real Crime.

The only real crime I see here is this being an underrated album. Which is saying something, this should have been blowing up on radios all across the nation. Open Wide is enough for a starter. With filthy, fuzz guitars acting like a container for the desert dust and sludge, that opening riff is enough of a taster. Slaying the stoner rock sound in this track, they write their journal in a pen of mud and tears. It’s getting real.

How High? is the next track. The opening and phrasing is enough to give the catchy hook that draws you in. Kyote Radio know when they have a tasty teaser for a riff. They let it sit, shine in its glory before vocal accompaniments come in. Way to make your better half the star. The build to the chorus is the most interesting aspect, leaning on the funk riffage that is the midriff of this song. Dust me off, I’m getting coated here.

Jumping genres

The title track opts for a more mellow sound. Now that we we were knee deep in sludge, we need a cleanser. Real Crime works perfectly for the same, creating a vortex of new sound, with a bluesy lightness to it. The bass helps the riff float, and finds the space to settle within the string resounding.

Crooked Canyons leans into the acoustic magic that Kyote Radio keep as their hidden arsenal. The strumming is rhythmic, and harnesses the raw energy of grunge before changing. It is an unusual radio friendly track, with some layered, fun work to keep your attention between verses. The fuzz fits just right with the vocals, both harnessing a rough undertone.

This might be your desert march track. Your window down, driving down the freeway anthem. The Beam is the next track, an anthemic, punchy track that has the price of the purchase. The track makes for a simple yet reminiscent track, and shows a phase of rock unexplored in this album till now. Heatwave brings in the heat with a cooler riff. Spaced out, the tempo is slowed down and we’re really leaning into relaxing. This track makes the guitar proud, it is inherently rock throughout.

Fresno has a melodic rhythm that uses a common chord progression, with your heart in a place. In this case, its this wonderful town this trio loves. Like a ballad, it energizes the track with another mantra, and does what it was designed to. Riling the listeners together, it makes a heart to heart poem that still rhymes with the guitar. Color brings in the pop aspect of this group almost touching dance tunes. Several tones, sounds and styles have been explored by this trio. Shocking to know all this sound is coming from three musicians.

Bite sized songs, king sized riffs

The Range is the penultimate track of this album. With another arpeggiated riff, we look at one more great melody from Kyote Radio. The strings still go on in the background, during the vocals. You keep the verse and chorus connected, and you do it this way. With each layered emotion surfacing, the instruments stay rooted in the pure sound that sends socks flying across the room.

Waiting Around to Die is the closing track. Like a Western, this is rooted in the uncertainty of life and creation of what is and might be. The solos rain in for this track, a great jam progression. They close out this album like true rock stars, and never hold back a good tune. What they’ve got in the end, is something very close to a greatest hits album. It has heavy music, anthems and fun pop tracks to sync along to. From the dust to slush, they’ve washed us off and brought us back home. All that remains is a memory.

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