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Connor Desai - Some Time Ago | Euphonic
Connor Desai - Some Time Ago | Euphonic

Connor Desai – Some Time Ago | Euphonic

Connor Desai is a Seattle based indie acoustic artist who got tremendous attention for singing a song cover as a background score in the Netflix thriller “The One”. Even though that cover led many people to Connor Desai’s music, her real gems are her originals. One of her recent releases called Some Time Ago is a beautiful track that explores melancholy and happiness at the same time, in a way that will leave you completely awestruck.

If you are a fan of melodious music and if you feel uplifted listening to soulful acoustics, then Some Time Ago is the perfect listen for you. The song is a profoundly moving one, with a soul-stirring musicality. On listening to the song for the first time, you would find yourself falling for the beautiful slow pace of the track. But when you listen the second or third time, you appreciate the subtleties far more than anything else. The softly flowing lyrics add a unique charm to the air around you and leave you at ease. You will find the song to be extremely soothing, thanks to its acoustics. With profound musical elements and a soothing vibe, you find yourself at peace.

Connor Desai does a wonderful job with the vocals. Not only is her voice absolutely heavenly, but those slight and soft additions, remarkable nuances that she adds here and there, make the song even more enjoyable. 

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