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Songs for Sabotage – Shadow
Songs for Sabotage – Shadow

Songs for Sabotage – Shadow | Midnight Enchantment

Los Angeles dream pop and garage rock act Songs for Sabotage has a brand new dazzling single titled Shadow. Songs for Sabotage first met in the fall of 2017 at Night of Joy, the Brooklyn bar. The pop duo consists of Lina Sophie and Richey Rose. They both have shared roots in Swedish pop, 80s first wave, and 2000s indie music. Their dark dream electro pop sound has been termed midnight pop.

Shadow is a cover of the 2015 song by Portland, Oregon electronic band Chromatics. With some interesting musical alchemy, the song is transformed into its more nostalgic positive aura to a darker enchanting one. The track mixes elements of genres like house, trance, new wave, and synth wave.

The song begins with a filter and some subdued noisy retro synths. As the filer wears off, the dreamy vocals
enter in with some tight kicks and a wavy synth bass line. There is a dark electro pop wive created in the verses with some ethereal chord voicings. Vocals by Lina Sophie are performed with deep artisinal subtlety and emotional expression which blends in the mix like wine in a rum cake.

Dark but emotionally evocative sonic canvas is created in this song. They have a new full length record coming in 2023, which we would definitely look forward to. The song release was made available on Halloween by Darkness Calling as a part of their Wrapped In Plastic compilation, which has a Twin Peaks theme. Songs for Sabotage has a mesmerizing and ethereal dark pop rock song with Shadow.

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