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Lilac frog Flying Without Wings
Lilac frog Flying Without Wings
Lilac frog Flying Without Wings

lilac Frog’s Flying Without Wings: A Stunning Flight Into Music Wizardry

The two-track mini EP Flying Without Wings by lilac frog is a stunning display of modern electronic synthpop that will leave you wanting more. Clocking in at about seven minutes, this mini EP is the perfect showcase of the talent that this British producer-artist possesses. Alternative pop at its finest.

The first track, “Happy Ending,” features the pristine vocals of Mia Robson, which are perfectly complemented by acoustic guitars and organic bass line. The song transitions seamlessly to a synth pop feel, complete with subtle vocal harmonies that will have you singing along in no time. This catchy electronic pop track makes great use of musical phrases that stick in your mind long after the song has ended.

The title track, “Flying Without Wings,” features lilac frog on vocals, which are well-textured and heartfelt. The stunning string section is blended masterfully with the synth production, creating a drop and dew-like atmosphere that will transport you to another world. The subdued electric guitars add a nice touch to the track, making it even more memorable.

The highlight of the EP is the amazing production by lilac . The modern electronic synthpop is masterfully produced, featuring many elements that are a joy to notice and listen to on repeated listenings. There are new elements to pay attention to every time you listen to this mini EP, making it an incredibly rewarding experience. Flying Without Wings is a gem of a release that showcases frog’s talents in the best possible way. It’s a perfect example of what modern electronic synthpop can be, and it’s an absolute joy to listen to.

In conclusion, Flying Without Wings is a triumph for lilac frog, showcasing their talents as a producer, artist, and songwriter. This mini EP is a must-listen for fans of modern electronic synthpop and anyone who appreciates great music. With only two tracks, it leaves us eagerly anticipating what this talented artist will do next.

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