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Pop Wallace - Noises Made Figuring Things Out
Pop Wallace - Noises Made Figuring Things Out

Pop Wallace – Noises Made Figuring Things Out | Experimental

Pop Wallace is an Arizona-based producer of Electronic, Pop, Trip Hop, and R&B with a dash of dark wit. He has grown significantly as a producer, earning airplay on various radio stations and collaborating with such acts from the Irish music scene as Boyfrens, Cheesmore, Absentee, Same Healy, Mila Moonlight, and Willhouse.

Wallace has released his latest EP, Noises Made Figuring Things Out – an experimental EP for Wallace to grow.

The EP begins with Resume, a progressive track with catchy beats and some beautifully placed splices. The track has a sweet groove to it, with some really interesting choices of percussions. I find that it’s perfect to help you get into a groove. Especially while you’re working. We’re then moved into Waltz With Whoever – a track that absolutely makes use of the stereo width. Pop Wallace makes use of the panning features, giving you a surreal experience. The electronic beats and percussions, similar to Resume create a beautiful atmosphere which is then accentuated by some melodious reed instruments (I think a saxophone). Wallace has a brilliant sense of temporal as well as harmonic spacing, creating some beautiful timbres and adding to the atmosphere of the music with every instrument, be it a bass or a percussive vocal sample.

Serial Experiments kicks off with a classic R&B drum groove. This loop is then met with a really quirky synth line as Pop Wallace incorporates newer instruments and voicings into the track. I especially love the transition into the guitar work that’s met by some really interesting snare lines. There are so many features to this track, it sounds like a few different tracks that are connected within one like its own mini-album. S.D.S continues the experimental train with multiple different voicings. It sounds like a more techno-house track than the rest of the album and is definitely the most club-like track on the EP. Its high tempo allows you to keep up with your work as you listen to the track – much like gaming music does when you’re in the zone. I would definitely listen to this when I need to get into the zone.

Wet Whistle starts off with the lightest intro, slowly breaking into some really high tempo beats. The electronic vibe is extremely high with this track. I find the woodwind instruments compliment the percussions so well, no matter how electronic the percussions sound. Similarly, Cold Summer starts with a light ambient intro, continuing the ambience with a mild drum groove. The beats are much more sombre, giving you some time to process the whole EP. It’s a pretty relaxed way to end the EP, leaving you with a sweet sense of resolution.

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