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notevenstevens – Patina
notevenstevens – Patina

notevenstevens – Patina | Groovy Dance Pop

Australian producer and pop musician notevenstevens teams up with Spanish vocalist Femme Fatene for their latest single Patina. Brisbane based artist notevenstevens has charted in the top five in Australia and top thirties in Canada on the iTunes charts. He has also created a follower base of more than five million on TikTok. Singer Femme Fatene has played at the 50th Edition of the Manchester Caribbean Carnival, won the Havanna Club 2022 edition, and worked with producer Dam Funk.

The song begins with some ethereal synths. On this, we hear some string muting, groovy beats, and stunning vocals laid on. Shimmering synths especially towards the outro sounds top notch. Patina has a different vibe and sound to it which is heralded by strong production and an emotive connection to the harmony and rhythm. Great use of vocal harmonies pushes the song to some interesting sonic spaces. Patina refers to skating in Spanish. The song speaks of liberating the human spirit and not sticking to stereotypes. Great work by notevenstevens and Femme Fatene!

Patina has a compelling aural template. With great altitude and lyrical knack, the stamina that the track emits sonically and harmonically is genuinely meditative. A resounding sounds which is listenable a greater number of times wth great electonic production truly stands out. The groovy percussion and a slappy snare make the song incredibly catchy and the listener hooked to the rhythm. notevenstevens and Femme Fatene bring their musical and life energy of being carefree. From this, they create a groovy and enchanting cosmic listening experience. Patina is a hooky indie dream electropop track that will get you dancing and mesmerized.

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