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Micki XO - Fake Gold | Alluring
Micki XO - Fake Gold | Alluring

Micki XO – Fake Gold | Alluring

Micki XO is a Portland-based singer and songwriter known for her pop songs. She dreams of traveling that world and claims music has helped her through thick and thin. 

Micki XO has a distinct style in music because they cannot be classified entirely as pop. You will always find a touch of retro here and there, that pairs beautifully with the otherwise contemporary touches that are more prominent. While listening to her songs, you will come across a lot of motifs and meaningful lyrics that add to the whole listening experience even more. Micki XO recently released a song called Fake Gold which is a subtle, subdued pop number with alluring musicality, perfect to activate your daydreaming mode. 

The song has got a lot of dreaminess to it, thanks to its magical soundscapes. They almost have a touch of ethereality to them. Somber and soulful harmonies make a euphoric environment and allow you to surrender to its bliss in no time. The great thing about the track is that it doesn’t have a lot of intense lyrics. The words are, however, quite meaningful and more focus has been laid on the sounds. So, intense musicality pairs really well with minimal yet meaningful lyrics. 

While listening to the song make sure you pay attention to the little things, the slight touches of perfection here and there, the nuances. These are the elements that make this track supreme. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this one!

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