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Ivory Dusk-Tempered
Ivory Dusk-Tempered
Ivory Dusk-Tempered

Ivory Dusk tune into a new frequency of metal with their debut EP, “Tempered”

Ivory Dusk have a gilded sword that might be Excalibur. They are relooking at metal through the framing of melodies. Artists that inspire disappear into the background-creating something of a unique ink that they sculpt their symphonies with. They showcase tremors with their debut EP release, Tempered. Let’s dive into a new faction of hard rock and metal.

Fold You is the song that you’ll hear as the jacket opens. It is a kick-ass tune, something that is enveloped by overdrive guitar and lyrics that are as poetic as they are divisive to the imagination. Ivory Dusk approach this song with an SOAD feel, especially in the rhythm. You can hear the Daron single note verse lines accompanying the lyrics. The drums are a kick and punch, unmissable groove power. At 1:48, the band changes direction into some math rock territory-creative routes that you’ll want to headbang to.

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You think you’ve heard metal?

Whisper displays some fantastic guitar tone and vocals. You need to enjoy the rhythm as a deep dive, while the lyrics fill you with meaning and purpose. The textural high hat work with the guitar is crisp and clean-while giving it that extra spice. Flying into the rhythm, you’ll hear beat changes, keeping the song a surreal experience. The vocal runs are some of my favourite on the album. Screams and powerful melodic lines are sung with ease. 

In Thrall is one of the best riffs you’ll hear from an indie metal band-at least for execution. Though you count the 1, it’s the 2 where the vocals start. It makes for an exciting verse section. If you thought you figured out TOOL for their spectacular time signatures, it’s only because you heard it enough. The band keeps it extremely tight and wound-drums and guitar moving as one organism. Ivory Dusk know how to hold an audience-and with awe factor alone, they can do wonders. An explosive rhythm pocket kept within an hourglass by the band. It is a treat to listen to new talent pushing the boundaries of music. 

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The epic Chase Me is next. An aural odyssey, you’re in for a voyage unlike any other. It is a climb to a mountain that gives you a view beyond your wildest dreams. As the lyrics without percussion hold your attention, the single note riff becomes atmospheric. It dissipates, as though to say-this is what Ivory Dusk have to offer. I have no doubt this song is their Rhapsody-for the kind of experience they are providing. Closing with their strongest, without a doubt. 

Their singles It’s Over, Simulation and Concede are worth absorbing just to see the difference. The band has found leaps in their sound, creating a memorable cocoon of sound to metamorphosize into. It goes to show that they’ll always hold surprises, and you might not see it coming. Consider yourself tempered for their next release:

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