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ettie - miserable life
ettie - miserable life

ettie’s Anthem of Liberation: ‘Miserable Life’ Transforms Pain into Power

Introducing ettie, an outstanding up-and-coming singer-songwriter from London! She effortlessly incorporates concepts and words into her engaging music, offering an unmatched storytelling encounter. Her brilliant intellect is molded by an English Literature degree and a profound knowledge of millennial angst. You’ll be pleased by ettie’s unapologetically raw and honest alt-pop sound. Her music aims to resonate without being intrusive and to resonate right at the core.  With each release over the past two years, ettie has fearlessly embraced her true self as an openly queer artist and songwriter, letting her songs be the platform for a strong and sincere expression.

This powerhouse is back  with a new single,” Miserable Life.” “Miserable Life” is a soul-stirring anthem that emits a wave of liberation for those who have overcome challenges in life with unwavering courage. The music is a testimony to perseverance. And the lyrics! They surely hit home and empower you. ettie’s fierce vocals radiate strength with each phrase, sparking a fire within. The music, a lively combination of pop and punk influences, has upbeat and nostalgic vibes.

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The electric guitar reverberates with real passion while the persistent percussion rhythms maintain a steady beat. ettie’s profound words, such as “Hope you get everything you deserve, cause honestly, you deserve much worse,” come from a place full of hurt. The ecstatic rhythm has a sense of rebellion, presenting both the pain and determination that make up our emotions. “Miserable Life” is more than a song; it’s an intimate narrative, an anthem that speaks to the resilient spirit that exists within all of us.

It reminds us that we are not alone in our challenges and that even in times of hardships, a flame of invincible hope burns brightly, leading us forward to a future where we triumph over the barriers we face.

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Enjoy listening to “Miserable Life” by ettie here.

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