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Start of the future past tour 2023 Iron Maiden
Start of the future past tour 2023 Iron Maiden

IRON MAIDEN Kicked Off ‘The Future Past Tour’ With the First Live Performance of ‘Alexander the Great’ in Slovenia

During the debut gig of The Future Past tour in Slovenia on May 28, Iron Maiden gave a historic performance by playing “Alexander the Great” live for the first time ever. This song served as the closing track for their 1986 classic album, Somewhere in Time.

The tour is a special tribute to both Iron Maiden’s latest album, Senjutsu, and their renowned Somewhere in Time. To start the show, the band surprised fans by opening with “Caught Somewhere in Time,” a track that hadn’t been performed live since 1987. Additionally, they thrilled the audience by playing “Stranger in a Strange Land” for the first time since 1999, and “Heaven Can Wait” made its return to the setlist after being absent since 2008.

These notable rarities were complemented by the live debuts of four tracks from Senjutsu, providing fans with an exciting opportunity to experience the band’s new material in a live setting.

Several years ago, in a radio interview, Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of Iron Maiden, was asked why the band had never played “Alexander the Great” live. In jest, he replied, “Because Adrian [Smith, guitar] can’t remember the guitar solo.” However, Dickinson did explain that when the song was originally written, they utilized advanced music computer technology that struggled to decipher the time signature of the solo.

The release of “Senjutsu” in September 2021 marked Iron Maiden’s second consecutive double album, following 2015’s “The Book of Souls,” which holds the record as their longest album with a running time of 92 minutes.

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