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The Kaz Experiment-Curiosity
The Kaz Experiment-Curiosity
The Kaz Experiment-Curiosity

The Kaz Experiment contains awe with her latest single, “Curiosity”

The Kaz Experiment resort to crafting cinematic moments through melody. Her songs are more than just pockets of arrangements put together. Each experience is different in the way she invites you into the fold. It is connected to the old, with a pulse on the new. This is their latest single, Curiosity.

Karen Harding-The Kaz Experiment uses simple melodic lines, but she carries so much gravitas. For this latest single, it is a resonating arpeggio that holds the percussion and rhythm. You could think of it as the band giving the textural bandwidth for the lead. She leads with the keys, while keeping this rhythm and creating that sense of back and forth. As a pianist, it is important not to flood the arrangement with notes.

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Instrumental haven

Choice lead parts push for a soothing and somewhat upbeat melody that keeps on giving. After a point, you might hear only the lead, your brain going into overdrive for the repeating arpeggio. The virtuoso from Melbourne keeps this composition short and sweet, ensuring that the idea itself is not stretched out and worn. It delivers the warmth and desire to hear more-from just an instrumental song. A brilliant yet wireframe simple song that dares you to imagine. 

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You might have heard of her singles like When the Sun Goes Down. Another popular one is Emerging from Solitude, which has caught traction on indie playlists. The Kaz Experiment wants to explore all kinds of music with her talent, and she is just getting warmed up. Listen to her single and follow her here:

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