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Mountain Town – Far From Home | Americana & Molasses

Park City, Utah-based Americana and Old Time Country band Mountain Town presents us with a great debut record from the American West. While Far From Home is the first LP, Mountain Town which is fronted by navy dental physician Dr. Jonathan “Jon” Kolon known as Dr. Jon, has been performing music for the last two decades. Dr. Jonathan Kolon who works as a dentist has been part of the country music scene and has played with folk revival legends The Kingston Trio. Kolon is classically trained in piano and flamenco guitar. The album includes self-produced songs and many previously published with London, UK record label The Animal Farm Music.

The opening track This Highway Ends starts with piano and a nostalgic sound guitar riff. As we hear the verses progressing, the drums build a sense of anticipation. We’re treated to a sweet country-rock solo. The second track The House Always Wins is a nimble number with some blazing guitars with lyrics that can apply to “the house” as well as to life. After all the rock goodness we’re treated to a jazzy calm ballad with Ride The Raven. The song includes some tastefully played keys, drums, clean and heavy guitars, and memorable harmonica.

Last Time Around is a sentimental song about friend Tom Lucas from the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp passing on. The song has its genesis around the time of the death of Kingston Trio frontman Bob Shane, and the similar bittersweet feeling when people ultimately depart. Barrel Racer Blues is a country rock track starts with some uplifting kickstarting energy. It has a characteristic twangy rhythm and lead phrases with apt drumming. Shipyard Town is a laidback acoustic number with a sparse arrangement. Lyrically, it is centered around the socio-economic issues of the Tidewater coastal plain region around eastern Virgina. The theme is people just managing to survive, wanting to leave the town and mutual distrust between people.

The light mood continues with Wander On Up To Heaven, which is another acoustic track on contentedly coming to terms with death. Kolon’s witty songwriting is on display when he sings that he won’t be missing working for the man and unemployment. Another nifty lyric is Trying to get one more bye before he meets St Peter at the pearly gates. Willie You’re The Well is a wistful bluegrass song. The record concludes with Only Asked Her To Dance which opens with some chiming melodic lines.

Dr. Jon who handwrites the songs displays his earthy and relatable songwriting prowess. He’s able to make the American West relatable with great storytelling and vivid imagery. Genres in the record include bluegrass, folk, country, and all-round Americana music. Last Time Around, This Highway Ends, Shipyard Town are the highlights of the album. The steel guitars, banjo, harmonica and diverse arrangements of the album keep the listener hooked. This album contains great country rock tracks and beautiful acoustic ballads. Far From Home is a contemplative album that will make you smell and taste the American countryside.

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