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Tainted Youth – Feel that way | Power-ups

Tainted Youth,’ a joint effort between Ryan Hall and Kathleen Down, has lately released one magnificently inspiring song named ‘Feel that way,’ which will absolutely pump us with all the exciting enthusiasm. The words would completely instil courage and greatly strengthen our belief system, enabling us to face any challenge with great bravery. The song’s vitality would appeal to a wide range of listeners, resulting in more exposure for the music. Kathleen Down’s vocals also give a lot of intensity to the song, which just blew us away. The attitude in the delivery is dead on, and it really does set the perfect tone for the song. The vocal delivery is completely engrossing throughout the song, and the enthusiasm is unwavering.

Listening to such tempting synthesiser soundscapes had me completely spellbound. The percussions are another feature of the music that really stands out. In the song, the groove is quite powerful, which adds to the excitement. The Keys enter at major points in the song, bolstering the vocals and keeping the song moving forward. These components’ textures blend in well with the voice’s tonality. The structure is extremely fluid, which contributes to the song’s high-spirited ambiance and allows us to fully immerse ourselves in its feel. I’m confident that the song’s intensity will be the driving factor behind it breaking also with listeners, and once they’re into it, they’ll find themselves completely absorbed.

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