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AM. – LOL | Mind-Altering

AM. is a budding singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, who has recently released his latest single ‘LOL’ – Love Over Lust. AM.’s extreme passion for R&B music is evident in his new single: it’s both transcendental and trippy, with an addictive beat that motivates listeners to not lose direction. Although ‘LOL’ does sound very mystical, the lyrics immediately make one think twice about where life is taking them. And encourage people to stay focused on their goals which can be rather difficult but could also be an everyday reminder to stay grateful for the things we already have. The song even reminds us to be mindful with lines like “Keep pressing and count all your blessings.”

Coming to the music and mood, you can hear some smooth sounds of a husky voice and then the background music comes in with some calming beats that build up very slowly in the back. It becomes prominent halfway into the song. The vocals are crisp enough to create an impact on the listener and the beats drop after “I’m missing you” which is my favorite part. The music has a slow start but it quickly picks up, giving that adrenaline rush. This is a fantastic song that shows off the talent of AM., who just keeps getting better as he continues to grow as an artist.

We recently had the opportunity to interview AM. Read on to know what he had to say.

1.      Hey AM. Congratulations on your new single ‘LOL.’ The song had very
addictive musical arrangements. I would love to know the creative
process that went into developing this addictive beat.

Thank you!! The beat was really just a matter of the spirit. Not too much thought went behind it

2.      I read that the title of your new song, “LOL,” stands for Love over
Lust. Could you share what inspired you to write this song?

Love over lust is such a beautiful concept to me. It refers to so much more than romantic love. We can lust for many things…money, power .. success.

3.      What does ‘AM.’ mean?  Any particular reason behind choosing this name?

AM.  represents being. It’s a definite statement. Planted and rooted in what one would call the higher self and walking in the spirit and not in flesh.  It was given to me one day on a subway after a show in New York.

4.      What was the first song you ever wrote? What made it special?

The first song I remember writing was when I was 8. I started a make shift band with my cousins hahaa, I assigned them all their instruments and wrote all there verses lol

I think what makes that the most special is knowing that I’m still that same passionate person with a love for music and people. I’ve always had vision and creativity.

5.      Are there any new genres, themes, or different styles of music that
you want to create?

Definitely but I think that’s a surprise you will have to wait for.  😬

6.     What’s next for  AM.?

The world.

Enjoy listening to LOL here.

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