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Yaevin – Yellow | Soothing and Stimulating

Yaevin hails from the Chicago area and is a Korean-American pop and R&B singer-songwriter. She played piano, guitar, and more traditional band instruments like trombone and cello when she was a kid. Yaevin soon fell in love with musical theatre, which inspired her to start writing her songs. Yaevin majored in music production and engineering at college, as well as vocal performance, so that she could be competent enough as a singer-songwriter in the future. Yaevin went to Brooklyn after completing degrees in music production and engineering and started performing her creative songs throughout New York.

Her new release ‘Yellow’ is a very soothing song with empowering lyrics. In this song, Yaevin uses the color yellow to describe her skin color and the lyrics speak of being fetishized as an Asian woman. She doesn’t want to be treated differently just because of her race. It is a very sensitive topic, but she tries to address it in a way that doesn’t sound like preaching or lecturing, instead of letting the listener understand this situation through the story. This is a beautiful song that starts with a smooth musical background that captures your heart and sets the mood. And then, some of the most amazing choruses kick in and meld perfectly with the soundscape. And just when you thought the quiet, sweet sounds of a harp could get any more relaxing, Yaevin’s voice comes in and takes it to an entirely new level. Through the song, Yaevin pulls our hand and leads us into a new world.

Enjoy listening to Yellow here.

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