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Filtered Gems – The Dust Collectors
Filtered Gems – The Dust Collectors

Filtered Gems – The Dust Collectors | Fine Brew

The Dust Collectors is the latest dazzling alternative folk rock EP by Canadian indie folk country rock band Filtered Gems. Based in Calgary, Alberta, the four-piece band share lead vocal duties equally and work very collaboratively in terms of songwriting. Their four part vocal harmonies make them a unique act to savour. The EP runs for eighteen minutes and contains six solid tracks. The band is influenced by the likes of Ryan Bingham and The Secret Sisters to acts like The Band, Audioslave, Wilco, and Wings. The illustrated and proportionately balanced cover artwork of the EP sets a great tone for the feel of the record.

The record commencing with Take A Dive is a memorable mid-tempo folk rock song. Murder, I Wrote is a country folk ballad with a laid-back, nostalgic feel. This along with rustic percussion and clean guitars are used in the chorus for tone while the more folk guitar parts are laid in the verses. Starting with some strings and acoustic rhythm, the song Dandelion makes a mark. The great use of strings here makes this song a must listen. Old No. 9 Train is a country folk song in the classic template of the genre. What I enjoyed in this record was the crisp acoustic tone.

As the tracks progress we can see that the record is an impressive feat of alternative folk rock that showcases the Canadian band’s unique sound. From the opening track the EP immediately grabs the listener with its mix of well-crafted melodies, soaring guitar lines, and soul-stirring vocal harmonies. Many tracks craft a stunningly beautiful folk-rock atmosphere. As the EP progresses, it builds to a powerful blend of rolling rhythms and memorable sounds. Several catchy, upbeat tracks with a driving rhythm and punchy guitars. There are also haunting, reflective ballads with a melancholic feel. The music on The Dust Collectors is lush and intricate, with each song showcasing the band’s skill in crafting intricate and captivating melodies. The guitar playing is dynamic and expressive, while the vocals are passionate and soulful. Filtered Gems hits the mark!

Their sound is both timeless and modern, and their songwriting is complex and emotionally captivating. Their arrangement is tight and their production is warm and crystal. Their expansive soundscapes evoke a sense of life, while their heartfelt lyrics and melodies are both melodic and powerful. Wilco’s music is captivating and inspiring, and their albums are always worth a listen.

The EP is a captivating blend of folk, rock and country aspects, and the band’s songwriting and musical skills are on full display throughout. The instrumentation is tight and the mix is well balanced, allowing the band’s distinctive sound to shine through. The production is top-notch, with a warm and full sound that complements the earnest performances. Overall, The Dust Collectors is an great collection of alternative folk rock music that showcases Filtered Gems’ unique sound and songwriting skills. It is an EP that will leave listeners wanting to hear more from this talented Canadian band.

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