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KAT – Liar Liar
KAT – Liar Liar

KAT – Liar Liar | Fuelling Fire

London based singer-songwriter and indie pop and rock vocalist KAT has a dazzling new single entitled Liar Liar. KAT has her roots in classic blues and soul music. Artists like Etta James and Aretha Franklin have been her inspirations. With her previous singles Violet Eyes and Creeping Around she has made her mark as a versatile musician with a knack for writing tight melodies with an undeniable groove. KAT is also a theatre and film actor and has been a radio presenter.

The song runs just under three minutes in length, In under three minutes, KAT leaves us dazzled. With a thundering kick and snare drum beat, the song commences. The vocals which have strong character and fiery power by KAT come through like fire across a rock. Clean guitars which play out arpeggiated chords form the arrangement on the verses. A dazzling chorus with distorted guitars and a catchy melody and hooks greets us with a blaze! The bridge is the right amount of engagement and musical playing around that keeps us engaged and hooked.

KAT’s vocals are a key highlight of the song. Her rock style vocal delivery has great raw power and a volcanic eruptive impact! Much like Led Zeppelin, the song makes use of shade and light to great effect in its arrangement. Lyrically we can see profound sensitivity and earnest expression. This is combined with a fiery arrangement and compositional structure which makes justice to the emotions one wishes to convey. With its right amount of upbeat energy and an emotionally appealing and relevant core, the song impresses. Liar Liar by KAT is an uptempo rock song that will get you grooving and rocking!

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