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Ozz Gold – Unknown | Progressive House

Las Vegas-based producer Ozz Gold came out with his debut single recently titled, “Unknown”. After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, he began his music career after moving to Las Vegas. Ozz focuses on making uplifting electronic music and loves playing for a good crowd. Having performed for audiences in New York, LA and Miami, he is currently working on his solo career and his debut release is a banger of a choice to do so!

Ozz is inspired by electronic artists like Kygo and Alesso, whose production styles he incorporates into his own sound. “Unknown” shows this excellently, as it begins with a good old piano chord progression, just like all the best EDM tracks!

I wonder why / I wonder why I keep trying to stay / Can’t break away / I’ve realized / That I’ll just need to find another way / Another day”

The track has a somewhat melancholic yet lively feel to it. Following the typical four-on-the-floor beat of house music, Ozz’s production stands out with a colourful mix of synths and drums. He cracks the formula for an hit EDM song with his infectious melodies and just the right progressions with “Unkown” – building up tension, playing solid drops and basically taking his audience on a journey with a whole lot of energy!

What’s great about this track is that it’s one of those songs that just keep giving, with every verse more energetic than the last. Tight percussions, smooth transitions and Ozz’s magic ties all the elements up together here; a fantastic track for a workout or dance playlist!

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