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Modern Day Outlaw-Eulogy
Modern Day Outlaw-Eulogy
Modern Day Outlaw-Eulogy

Modern Day Outlaw reinvent hard rock with a country vibe in their single, “Eulogy”

Modern Day Outlaw bring a feel to rock and metal that might have been ignored of late. There is a superb flow that they create, while keeping the country style narrative, is truly impressive. Their single we review here is from their EP, Through the Gates of Hell. Do yourself a favour, and treat yourself to their music. Enjoy the contrast of anthemic rock with immense feel. This is Eulogy

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Modern Day Outlaw are weaving a tale through rock

You can feel the tides come in from the moment that they start. An impressive and enjoyable dive occurs, into the depths of the track. You’re deep in the forge of the lyrics, while the tones of acoustic guitar envelope you. When the verse progresses, you try to predict where it goes. Like Soen’s Lotus, the feel is light, while introducing the electric guitar in a bluesy core. What you receive is a brilliant composition with warm feeling and Modern Day Outlaw bringing their furious resolve. One of their best songs in the EP or otherwise, the kind of dramatic build is truly the storyline you want to be a part of. Inspiring enough to be your gym opening playlist or your course of action for a task at hand. This band is bringing you a turnover in rock and metal that hasn’t been explored like this yet. 

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Their 2017 EP Day of Reckoning deserves a listen from anyone who would be a fan of this music. It is music from a promising indie band that is writing its own fate, one song at a time. Listen to their single here and follow them for more promising music!

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