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Teemu Halmkrona-Seasonal Moods
Teemu Halmkrona-Seasonal Moods
Teemu Halmkrona-Seasonal Moods

Teemu Halmkrona writes the language of dreams with his instrumental, “Seasonal Moods”

Teemu Halmkrona writes the diaries of nature. A talented instrumentalist, the Finnish musician has found layers in songs that might not even be experienced anymore. His way of writing is a translation f the depths that nature has to offer. If you choose to observe it that is. This is his latest EP, a collection of gorgeous musings. Let’s dive into Seasonal Moods.

Consider these emotions of the season itself. Periodically split, you can only watch time run its course on nature. Teemu Halmkrona tends to watch closer, find the pulse and rhythm. Blossoming Cherry Trees brings a beautiful image of the streets of Tokyo. It is like a scene right out of an anime, as the simple notes paint the pretty picture. The growth is natural, the percussion found within the memorable arrangement itself. The pauses and breaks allow you to breathe in the image he puts in front of you. It is an emotional piece of writing-composition at its finest.

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Hopping places with the ivory

A short track is experienced with The Siblings. It is playful, childish-has tiffs and dissonance. Just like that blood relationship. He puts into perspective, the affable nature of what grows into a bond for a lifetime. Lacking bass notes in most parts, some melodies run ahead while you experience the impressive core of tone. As a teacher, Teemu Halmkrona must be bringing the rudiments of experiencing, before putting it on paper. The Vortex promises to take you to another time-space pocket. It is one of the most emotional tracks he has composed. In minor scale, you obsess over his pauses, the intentions and iterations there would have been. It is a fascinating exploration of a space unknown to you and me, in awe and fascination. 

Teemu Halmkrona writes what nature would

With A Frozen Book, you’re fixated on a chapter. The story is a rerun, and you are granted admission in a prison of letters and words. In introspection and thought, the protagonist remains. A genuine break of dissent, trust and exploration through intrigue is felt. Waiting for Snow is patience personified. Even in terms of melodies, the writing phrases out the parts to cater to that gift. It is incredible, slow and deliberate, while being immensely beautiful. Teemu Halmkrona wants you to experience that slice of time, with the drama he fabricates. As a whole, this composer takes you through chapters that you might never witness. They are brought to you by one medium alone.

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His earlier singles have made it to possibly every indie classical playlist there is. It is a collection of genius songwriting and dedication to the craft you hear. You can listen to his EP below and follow him for what is more to come. For now, travel the seasons with his collection:

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