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Audri’s Sugar For The Flies
Audri’s Sugar For The Flies
Audri - Sugar For The Flies

Audri’s Sugar For The Flies Easily Boasts Some of the Best Songs That Bring Out the Beauty of Modern-Day Rock Music

The blend of music genres in one single album is always a thing that catches the attention of listeners in an instant. A similar feeling is what one will experience once the person tunes in to the latest EP by Audri, Sugar For The Flies. Hailing from Seattle, the United States of America, Audri is an amazing singer-songwriter, music producer, and composer who has been actively releasing her works since the year 2020. Her amazing songwriting, as well as composing skills, take no time to woo the listeners within seconds.

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Stories that are narrated through the purely soulful sound of rock music!

Sugar For The Flies, Audri’s latest EP, consists of four amazing songs, and altogether, the album runs for fifteen minutes and fifty-one seconds. The starting song, Sensational, attracts you right from the first second as you can’t help but start grooving to it in an instant. Gradually, the chorus follows which stands tall on top of the superb chords that add the colors of a crunch-driven sonic spectrum through the guitars.

The second song, Black Out is a track that boasts a catchy groove and melody but gives you an impacful message of not giving up your willpower to traumatic recollections or just the simple past, and moving on to shine in life with flying colours.

A little more on what this excellent EP has to offer its listeners!

Girl In Blue is the song that follows and is the third track of this album that portrays a scenario where a lover receives warnings from a close friend about the fact that toxicity is the final conclusion to what’s cooking between him and his love interest. It is a song that is impactful both in terms of music as well as lyrics and the aggressive, noise-rock sort of guitar backings bring forth the idea of the song with much better clarity.

The final song of the EP, Angel In The City is an up-tempo track that rewards the listeners with more of Audri’s prolific artistry and ability to compose and produce such sonically, lyrically as well as musically perfect rock songs and it is indeed one of the most impressive songs of the EP.

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So, don’t even think of missing out on checking out the latest EP by Audri, Sugar For The Flies, because it will really amaze you. Listen to this EP here:

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