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Michael Lyon’s What Could Be
Michael Lyon’s What Could Be
Michael Lyon - What Could Be

Michael Lyon’s What Could Be Rewards the Listeners With Music That Touches the Soul in an Instant

If you are an ardent listener of music that touches the soul right from the start, you should check out the latest album by Michael Lyon, What Could Be. But before we get into the songs of this beautiful album, let us first know a little about the artist himself. Hailing from Southern California, the United States of America, Michael Lyon is an outstanding singer-songwriter whose prolific artistry is evident through his music. Starting from his college days, Michael honed his musical artistry by grabbing a guitar and playing various songs after getting inspiration from a wide range of bands and artists, including Simon and Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, and numerous more.

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Let us find out what this beautiful album has to offer the listeners!

What Could Be, Michael Lyon’s latest album consists of a whopping fourteen songs, and it runs for forty-five minutes and twenty-seven seconds. Besides the fact that the album has so many songs, as a listener, one can rest assured that every song will sound like a different experience due to the different stories each of them tell. The difficult part of creating a song is when one wishes to add a justified narrative to take on the foregroundq of the amazing musical background, and Michael shines throughout in terms of being a storyteller, a writer, and a music composer of extreme talent in this latest album What Could Be!

The most interesting fact about this album is that the songs serve an honest perspective of the artist’s personal point of view of the world which is a mix of optimism, concern, and a celebration of the good things of life. While musically all songs of this album boast acoustic elements, they also add immensely to the beauty of the narratives of each song, and a listener one will certainly feel nothing less than mesmerized to the core.

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So, before you begin to procrastinate, we suggest that you immediately check out the latest album of Michael Lyon, What Could Be. You can listen to this album here!

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